TPF: Contestants To Perform In Groups

Earlier, find Wainaina introduced the Academy’s new music director of this week, Victor Seii.

He described him as a long time friend with whom they started the music career with way back in 1990s being inspired by Boys to Men having meant him on the Kenya festival.

Victor introduced a new system of performing where contestants will be performing in groups and duets.

The groups were formed after Seii got a hat, folded papers containing names of contestants. Each contestant was required to pick one and the name on the paper reflects the contestant to be paired with. If the contestant is on probation and evicted before Sunday, the other half of the duet will be required to perform alone.

Five groups were formed and these comprised of; Fess was joined with Phionah, Nyambura and Josh, Daisy and Patrick, Kojjo and Amos, Sitenda, Hope and Hisia.

The contestants have been performing as individuals since the show started save for the few who entered the Academy as groups.

The winner will walk away on December 8, the grand finale, with a Shs 150m cash prize and a recording deal. Uganda is currently doing well in the Academy, having 3 of the 11 contestants still in the Academy.

However, one of them, Sitenda, being on probation risks getting evicted this Saturday.


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