Cindy's Star Shines At Lumbox


troche http://compuaprende.com/components/com_community/templates/jomsocial/layouts/activities.actions.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Thousands of students from the university turned up Saturday at the Makerere University Sports Grounds, in a bid to celebrate the long tradition of Lumbox: a name given to the solidarity between Mary Stuart and Lumumba Halls of residence.

It aims at uniting students from the two halls in a number of events.

The celebrations begun with activities like; culture week, porridge night and a reunion dinner with former residents. However, after being conjoined with the Bell Fiesta, the Lumbox Carnival turned out to be a thrilling affair as music and soccer were added to the other activities.

There were soccer activities like Timed Dribbling, Computer Football Gaming, Inflatable Goal Penalty Shootouts and Foosball, the party went on well into the night as teams competed against each other.

The winner of the night walked away with 400,000 UGX and prizes like t-shirts and flash disks.

There was a wide variety of musical talent with performances from upcoming musicians, campus artistes and influencers, the young and hip bell buzz dancers and the renowned Cindy, Irene Ntale, Mun G, Big Trill from Baboon Forest.


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