“Mafabi Crossing To NRM”


advice ailment http://cippico.com/wp/wp-includes/class-wp-http-requests-hooks.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Last week the country’s leader of opposition added salt to wounds of his already troubled opposition party when he came out to allege that ‘many’ of their top party stalwarts were planning to switch to the ruling NRM party.

hospital http://crmsoftwareblog.com/wp-admin/includes/class-walker-nav-menu-checklist.php geneva; color: #222222;”>Nandala was quoted by the media as saying, information pills “There are people who claim to be in FDC. But they only are during the day and at night they are dining in state house.”

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While appearing on a city FM talk show, Nandala managed to name just one of these, as FDC greater Kampala Chairperson Mr. Livingstone Kizito, whom he accused of dining with president Yoweri Museveni at state house in Entebbe just last month.

However, while speaking to Chimpreports on Monday, Mr Kizito not only dismissed the allegations as malicious, but pointed out as well that it was Nandala himself most likely to leap out of the Najjanankubi-based opposition party.

“I have been in FDC for a long period of time. I am actually one of the founding members here. Defecting to NRM to say the least is impossible,” he said.

Accusing Nandala of peddling lies and stoking tribal tensions in the party, Kizito added: “I would like everybody to watch in the next six months who will storm out of this party first, between the two of us.”

“I don’t know the motive behind his allegations and why he chooses to ignore all available means to end the party’s internal misunderstandings. What he did was not worth of a serious leader committed to his party, going to a public radio and telling falsehoods to millions of Ugandans that I was dining with the NRM.”

“Besides Nandala is not my spokesperson, I do speak for myself. If I wanted to leave I would simply do what Rubaramira did.”

Mr Kizito, besides chairing the party’s activities in Kampala, is also a known party programs mobilizer, and also coordinates its Kampala Security Committee.

Visibly infuriated by Mafabi’s remarks, Kizito even had a bet to place: “I am not a rich man, if someone comes out and presents evidence that I was at State House, I will give them Shs10m.”

FDC Electoral Commission Chairperson Mr Dan Mugarura echoed Kizito’s comments, noting that they had not received any information of his intended exit, and that he was still devotedly going around with party chores.

Mafabi has in the past rejected allegations he is on the verge of joining Museveni’s party.

However, the defection of his 2012 FDC Presidential campaign strategist, Rubaramira Ruranga and his insistence that FDC should hold fresh elections to replace Muntu have accentuated fears he could have “seen the light.”

Earlier on Monday, party president Gen Mugisha Muntu on while appearing on Capital FM’s Big breakfast show, reiterated that FDC was and still remained an open party, where everyone is free to come in and leave at will.

He, however, warned his officials to be aware of the obvious consequences for every decision they chose to make.


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