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Kayihura Warns Against Bribing Cops


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“If you don’t bribe me, more about where will I get the bribe?” Kayihura asked the gathering while launching the newly acquired police booths along the Northern by-pass highway on Monday.

He accused the public of exploiting the fact the police are earning a meager payment “so when you are caught by the law, try you tempt these officers with people and they also end up taking it”.

“To me, I think the person who gives a bribe is the principal culprit and should be the one to be charged,” said Kayihura.

Kayihura also attacked the media for ‘undermining police warnings’. “If terrorists are to bomb here, can you survive?” Kayihura asked journalists.

“I rather upheld my warnings than say sorry because terrorists are existent.”

He called up the media to work in hand with the police in its initiative of community policing.

“Instead of looking for an officer looking for where to ease himself, why don’t you help mobilize resources to get that officer where he can ease himself. However resort this precious space and time to publishing anonymous letters. How do they benefit the society?”

He thanked MTN Uganda for the police booths and called up on the other corporate companies to follow the same line.

“Other corporate like UMEME, Coca Cola among others should also come on aboard.”

Kayihura together with the Mazen Mroue, the MTN Uganda CEO Monday at Kiwatule commissioned 10 police booths which were handed over to Police by MTN. The booths are to be placed along the 21 Km long Northern by-pass in a bid of increasing its security.

However, the area Chairman urged police to construct toilets too for the police officers.

“We are only seeing booths but where will these officers be easing themselves from since they will be staying here from morning to evening?”


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