Acrobats Shine At Gamers

This followed a two-month nationwide search in which the best gamers in the country were got from different regions. These all converged at the Hotel Africana People’s Space for the grand finale.

The event had been scheduled to begin at 10am, tadalafil however, the gamers had wait until 1pm for the games to start.

The games started with a relatively small crowd but later it increased as the entrance fee was scrapped.

The participants registered their names in the event which had three categories up for competition. They competed in the Splint that had racing, Taken which had Fighting and Fifa Football.

Participants played on a knock-out basis: whoever lost got eliminated from the competition. However, the losers didn’t just leave for their homes as there were various forms of entertainment from Acrobatics, bikers musicians like Navio, Bebe Cool, Mun G, Big Trill, Denzo among others.

There was also live music Dj Mixing by Dj Shiru and Ape Man.

The games went on up to 9pm until 9pm when the winners from each categories were got.

Each of the winners bagged Shs.5million on top of a PS 3 game console, and a mountain dew hamper while the runners-up got a PS 3 game console and a mountain dew hamper.

Innocent Tibayeita, the head of Sales and Marketing said the company had injected Shs.700million in the competition.

He promised the prize to double at the next competition.

“This year’s challenge, unlike last year’s, was taken to schools, malls, supermarkets, offices, beaches, bars and gaming tailored events throughout the country where more than 5,000 participants took part and from which over 100 gamers automatically qualified for the grand finale.”

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