Fan, Extreme Skills Showcased At Gamers Challenge


Although the show started four hours late from the scheduled time, it was worthy the long wait as gamers were thrilled with great entertainment at the Hotel Africana Freedom Space.

There was entertainment from musicians like Maro, Mun G, Big Trill, Navio, Denzo, Bebe Cool among others, who managed to thrill the crowd. Dj Shiru and Ape Man managed to keep momentum at the space with their disc scratching skills.

The bikers and skaters entertained the audience with various stunts that they made when riding bicycles and skates.

The bikers wowed the audience when the comfortably flied over with their bicycles models who lay on an elevation of 3 meters from the ground.

The Acrobatics also spiced up the event by showcasing the strength of their arms when they balanced in air with one arm on a pole which had been erected on the stage.

One of them went an extra-mile by balancing on his head with legs up on the pole.

However, the mountain dew bikers put up the greatest entertainment of the day. While riding their Motor cycles, they pulled various stunts in air. They flied over two cars, an Ipsum and a Honda CRV which had been parked adjacent to each other to the amusement of the crowd.

This was done several times amid screams and chanting from an excited crowd.

This was during the grand finale of the Xtreme Gamers Tour. The Grand finale was organized by Mountain Dew aimin at finding the best gamers in the country.


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