Schools Roundly Reject Homosexuality In New Survey


order information pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The report titled ‘Homosexuality and human rights in Uganda’ was launched on Friday at a closed-door meeting at Makerere University.

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medical geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Chiefly funded by the Norwegian foreign affairs ministry, information pills with support from officials at the Uganda National Council of Science and Technology, the study was conducted and supervised by graduate students and senior professors from Makerere, UCU, KIU and Gulu universities [All names withheld.]

The study, which we learnt commenced in November 2010, involved 1552 respondents who included mainly students, school administrators, and some local political, cultural and religious leaders.

The researchers pointed out at the launch that 96.91 percent of the key respondents concurred unanimously with the belief that ‘homosexual practices are entirely learned behaviors.’

“In most cases, gays were regarded as beasts, sex predators, who are worse than animals,” reads part of the report.

“They were also described as money hungry creatures, agents of western interests and imperialists, recruiters of youths into sodomy, enemies of God, tradition and culture.”

The launch of the study findings came only days after media reports of an agent of a USA based NGO working as a librarian at North road primary school in Mbale district, who was jailed for sodomizing over 60 pupils.

Parents at the school reportedly accused the Libraries of Love organization for promoting homosexuality by employing a gay man despite their complaints.

In Friday’s report it was pointed out that severally, during focus group discussions, respondents insisted that ‘sodomy is not a right and can never be a right.’

“Some urged that such people once caught should be castrated or incarcerated possibly on an isolated island.”

While some 75 percent of the interviewees seemed to believe that homos were actually nonexistent in society, the researchers reported interfaces with 95 gays especially in Kampala and its suburbs, “a strong indication that homosexuals are present in different communities.”

Homosexuality is outlawed in Uganda.


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