Nakivubo Board To Apologise To Musisi

thumb geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to Hajati Miisa Kabanda, malady a stadium board member, see Nakivubo is only waiting for the appointment date to meet the Musisi and agree on how to construct the complex on the stadium.

“Mistakes were there as the construction of the complex was beginning and as the stadium management, we are ready to apologise to KCCA,” said Kabanda.

At the beginning of this year, Nakivubo leased part of the stadium land to Ham Enterprises for a period of five years to construct a complex on the stadium land but after five years, the constructed buildings and the land shall remain stadium properties.

KCCA then wrote to the stadium management about the poor condition in which the fence was and asked to be re-constructed soon.

“We had no money at the time hence entering a deal with Ham enterprises to construct lock-ups to act as the fence,” added Kabanda.

KCCA halted the construction of the Nakivubo lock-ups after clearly finding out that the Construction Company had not submitted in the plan to KCCA as required by law.

“As stadium management, we accepted the construction since we knew the process of approving the plan was not going to take long,” she narrated.

Kabanda added: “It wasn’t the case and as a matter of fact, up to now, the papers are there but we haven’t got any response from KCCA only that they came out to stop construction activities.”

Nakivubo was once closed for almost four months by Uganda Revenue Authority for a revenue debt of Ug Shs 846m.

Later on, after reaching an agreement, the stadium was re-opened and Nakivubo, according to some board members, has now less than 300m of the debt since Ham played a role in paying it.


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