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14 Killed in Lugazi Taxi Accident

Uganda Police Force is investigating circumstances under which 14 passengers died in a road accident along Jinja highway on Wednesday.

Officials told ChimpReports that a taxi registration number UAZ 350U from Eastern Uganda collided with a lorry registration number UAU 650S at Sagazi-Lugazi.

The cause of the accident remains unclear though reckless driving is yet to be ruled out.

It’s understood all taxi occupants died in the crash.

According to the Traffic Police boss Stephen Kasiima, buy drivers on occasions run speeds exceeding the recommended ones for particular tyres.

“Tyres have maximum speeds within which they can be driven but due to their ignorance, most Ugandan drivers never take note of this. They don’t check the manufacture and expiry dates; all they look at are the treads, ” he said.

Road accidents last year increased along major highways until the joint Fika Salama operation was rolled out.

Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura said reckless drivers who cause accidents and lead to loss of lives need to be charged with man slaughter and sentenced to life imprisonment.

“We have had weaknesses in the past but this time round we are to sustain the campaign on safety of people on the roads.  We have purchased a number of speed guns to check on drivers. There is need to check the speeding and reckless drivers on our roads who have caused most accidents,” he added.


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