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Thugs Raid MP Nabilah Residence


viagra sale geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Nabilah said she returned home at around 2:45am from Kiwafu Kansanga where she was attending the vigil of a one Haji Musisi.

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approved geneva;”>“I watched some TV and was about to sleep when I heard the alarm signal on my car keys go off. The car alarm was in silent but the signal on the car keys continued vibrating,” recounted Nabilah.

“I rushed to my window thinking that it was the rain that was setting off the alarm. Horrified, I saw a young man in a blue tracksuit. I wasn’t appropriately dressed but made my mouth alarm anyway, though the issue of dressing up quickly came to my mind. How dare these thieves come whilst I was awake?” wondered the lawmaker.

Nabilah said she called the District Police Commander (DPC) Kabalagala Police Station and the Officer in Charge of Buziga.

“That was 3:33 am, according to time check. The OC came an hour later and shortly after the police patrol,” said Nabilah, adding, “My Dog has unfortunately been poisoned, the thief or thieves had already disappeared, albeit without the car parts.”

It remains unclear if this is a publicity stunt.

A few years ago, Nabilah claimed thugs had raided her residence before leaving food (chips and meat) laced with poison which would later kill her dog.

Also interestingly, Nabilah does not mention her husband anywhere in the story. One would wonder why it’s a woman responding to the burglary in the dead of the night.

One would expect Nabilah to reveal that either her husband was away from home or dead asleep. The legislator paints a picture of a lonely, terrified and insecure woman.

Tabloids recently reported that Nabilah was no longer on good terms with her husband.


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