Janet Visits Karimojong Slum In Kampala


more about geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Janet had visited the Karamoja community settlement in Katwe-Kinyoro to get acquainted with the living conditions of the people in the area on Friday.

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decease geneva;”>She was accompanied by the State Ministers of Gender Rukia Nakadama and for Karamoja Affairs Barbara Oundo, Bokora MPs Terence Achia and Stella Namoe, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development Pius Bigirimana, KCCA Executive Director, Jenifer Musisi, Ketty Lomaro the Under Secretary Pacification and Development in the Office of the Prime Minister, Makindye Division Chairman Dr Ian Clarke and many other Ministry and KCCA officials.

They toured the Katwe-Kinyoro settlement which is made up of make shift structures that are the homes for 800 people of which over 300 are children.

Kisenyi Karimojong settlement has 340 adults and 100 children.

According to the Chairpersons of the Karimojong Communities of Katwe and Kisenyi, in addition to those Karimojong who are lured by their peers or by individuals promising better opportunities, many others come from towns like Jinja, Iganga and Mbale in search of what they refer to as “kyeyo”.

Many of these Karimojong who come to Kampala under the guise of searching for employment live in filthy conditions and thrive on begging on the streets.

According to reports from KCCA, 90 percent of the estimated 10,000 children living on the streets of Kampala are from Karamoja.

Museveni decried the unhealthy living conditions in the settlements and implored the people to accept to be returned back home and take advantage of the opportunities that Government has put in place to change the quality of life of the Karimojong in their home areas.

She assured the Karimojong that Government will enable them change to a better quality of life if they are also prepared go back home, work hard, produce food and begin to create wealth other than what they are currently going through in the towns.

She said that the two Ministries of Gender and Karamoja Affairs will work together to quickly establish a place for their resettlement and also speed up the process and requested the people in the settlements to start preparing to go back their homeland soon.

“I would like to see all children go to school and everybody to an income for a better tomorrow because that is what Government wants for all the people,” she said.

The State Minister for Gender, Rukia Nakadama, said that her Ministry has resolved to establish and address the pull and push factors of Karimojong migration to towns.

Bigirimana also noted that the resettled Karimojong youth and elderly can benefit from the ongoing youth and elderly programmes, while those in the 18-30 age bracket can benefit from NUSAF 2 project.

Officials in the Office of the Prime Minister said the illegal and unhealthy Karimojong settlements in Katwe and Kisenyi will soon be closed by KCCA because and according to their leaders, the people are willing to return home, settle and become a stable community.


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