INTERVIEW: The Rise Of Airport Taxi On Uganda's Music Scene


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However, http://clintonbrook.com/wp-admin/includes/user.php it looks like they have now come of age.

Their new video for 808s is topping the Ugandan music charts.

The video was shot by a Nigerian based film house called Atarodo Films.

Chimp Corp, http://chuckatuckhistory.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-users-list-table.php Nazziwa Victoria interviewed the three young stars behind the name Airport Taxi. Tucker HD, Martha Smallz, Llyboc makes the exceptionally well talented trio.

CHIMP CORP: Briefly tell me about yourselves.

TUCKER HD: I am tucker HD. My real name is kibiringe Tucker a member of Airport Taxi and I am a third year student at Makerere Business School.

MARTHA SMALLZ: I am Martha Smallz but my real name is Martha Namubiru. I am also a student at Makerere Business School, Nakawa. I am the female vocalist for the group.

LLYBOC: I am Llyboc however, my real name is William Diaz and I am done with school.

CHIMP CORP: What is your everyday inspiration?

AIRPORT TAXI: We drive our inspiration from the people whoM we look up to. We normally meet various successful people who tell us that we are lucky to have established ourselves in the industry at this young age.

It means we can grow and become more and more successful musically.

We all have something in common; moving to greater heights and being great.

CHIMP CORP: Why the name Airport taxi?

AIRPORT TAXI; TUCKER HD: I personally came up with the name Airport taxi way back before the group was formed. I was inspired by Rick Ross and Maybach Music.

I was thinking of probably getting a vehicle that would channel the kind of music that I love most to the rest of Ugandans. So, later when the music was formed, I suggested that we carry the name Airport taxi.

CHIMP CORP: What inspires the kind of music you sing?

MARTHA SMALLZ: I think it’s almost everything. Sometimes we sing about love or anything because of the inspiration we get.

CHIMP CORP: When did you join music?

TUCKER HD; The group was formed on 27 July, 2011 but I had been in the music industry before. I had released a mix tape with about twenty songs.

CHIMP CORP: Being people from different backgrounds, how are you able to work together?

LLYBOC: Yes we are three different people but what joins us together is having the same ambition and determination. We all want to see Airport taxi successful and across borders. That is why we all have to act mature and put a side our differences and disagreements. We look at our dreams which we have as a group.

CHIMP CORP: Briefly tell me about your new release.

LLYBOC: 808s is a very catchy, fun and funky song. It’s vibrant that if given the right push, it could catch the whole Africa. It so far our favorite song because it has been on various chats of Radio city, Hot 100 and Capital fm.

The video too has really been catchy because of specific effects that attracts people, I think it’s where Martha Smalls is covered in gold dust.

CHIMP CORP: What are some of the advantages of working together as a group?

TUCKER HD: When working as a group, everyone gets a chance. When we combine our talents, we get a good outcome.

CHIMP CORP: And the disadvantages?

LLYBOC: The resources. We need more resources since we are three.

MARTHA SMALLZ: Sometimes we find problems in sharing the money. And of course as human beings, we have disagreements. Sometimes, decision making is delayed because everyone’s opinion matters.

CHIMP CORP: What is your greatest fear?

TUCKER HD: My greatest fear is this group breaking up. I would not know what to do.

LLYBOC: My greatest fear is having fear; being scared.

MARTHA SMALLZ: My fear is losing someone I truly care for and another is the group break up .

CHIMP CORP: How about phobias?

AIRPORT TAXI: TUCKER HD: I don’t think I have phobia for anything.

LLYBOC: I have phobia for hypocrites. I can’t stand fake people.

MARTHA SMALLZ: I have phobia for small tiny holes, like the ones of a bee hive.


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