Pakwach People Use Eclipse To Lobby For District


price geneva;”>The locals who spoke to Chimpreports expressed their desire to have a district status.

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According to Adriano Kobere, a shop attendant, gaining a district status would help bring the social services closer to the town.

“The distance from here to the district headquarters, in Nebbi which has improved services is too long. One needs over Shs.15,000 as fare, an amount which is too high for the locals. It is actually not surprising that few locals have ever been there,” said Kobere.

He complained of the high expenditure he incurs to transport goods from his suppliers. “If we are granted a district status, it will even attract investors in the area – something which will benefit the area.”

Adriano Jamony, a barber said that if they are granted a district status, “that means we will get power because a district can’t be without electricity.”

He said that he was facing a lot of difficulty in shaving people using a pair of scissors and a razar blade, saying “it is tiresome and takes a lot of time than one using a machine. However, I can’t use a machine because I don’t have electricity. This does not allow my business to grow.”

John Omach, an operator of a stationery, said the town is more developed than the other areas that have been granted a district status. He said the population of Pakwach has also increased, necessitating the split away from Nebbi district.

“Since the president is here, we are organizing with our leaders to use this opportunity to forward our chance,” said Omach.

However, Evalantini Kaima, 55, suggested the only solution to the town’s problems is extension of electricity and returning railway transportation to the area.

“Our railway transport systems stopped working 15 years ago. This affected the area because the few factories that were creating jobs in the area closed shop,” Kaima narrated.

“Now almost all the youth in the area are unemployed. The only source of employment they had were factories but these are currently nowhere to be seen. The only hope of the youth currently lies in the newly found oil in lake Albert.”

He urged the government to work on electricity and railway transport, warning that creating another district would only create divisions in the area.

“Once these are worked upon, then the people of Pakwach will vote wisely next time.”

Pakwach is located in Nebbi district, in West Nile sub-region, Northern Uganda.

This location lies along the western bank of the Albert Nile, approximately 115 kilometres (71 mi), by road, southwest of Gulu town, the largest city in Northern Uganda.


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