Eclipse: Business Boom In Pakwach


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Michael Ssesinde, more about a solar applications distributor in Packwach, information pills said it was during last week that he sold most of his applications.

“For the last 9 years I have been here, I have never sold this much before. However, when owners of lodges and food joints heard about the eclipse, they dashed for my products in preparations for the event. We don’t have electricity so solar is the only way out,” said a jolly Ssesinde.

He even boasted of how his products were selling like a hot cake. “I have just restocked. And as you can see, they are about to get done in a space of only two days.”

Ssesinde sells solar panels with the smallest, together with a battery going for Shs.80,000 while the largest goes for Shs. 1.5m.

This was not only experienced by Ssesinde alone, but also others like Caroline Laker, an operator of a lodge. She said a lot of profits had been realised during the eclipse eve.

“My rooms have been going for Shs 10,000-15000 per night and on average, I would get less tha ten clients in a week. However, all of my rooms are full in spite of having raised the fees. I currently charge between 100,000-150,000 per per night,” said Laker.

She, however, promised to return back the prices to normal on Monday.

Keronga Anyoni, also a lodge operator in the heart of the town wished if they event could be annual!

“We received a lot of customers during this period and I am indeed very happy.”

Anyoni, who manages Albertine Lodge said unlike the other lodges, he didn’t hike the accommodation fees at all he however admitted to have hiked that of drinks. However, “I have still made a lot of money through the sale of drinks and accommodation”.

There goggles business too was booming with almost everyone buying themselves glasses which cost between Shs. 5000- 10000.

Joseph Sidala

Joseph Sidala, who was selling goggles, said the business had made him a fortune in the past week. He also made an fee for “improving” the goggles by releasing smoke from the candle onto the goggles and glasses so as to reduce the impact of the sun rays.

He charged Shs 2000 for each goggle improved. However, there were also other scientifically proven safe goggles with each sold at Shs.30,000.

However, Joseph Ocakachan also an operator of a lodge in the town said he regretted a lot as to why he had increased the accommodation fees.

“I was tipped by a friend to hike the fees saying the clients were available. This sent away a lot of clients and by the time I realised it, it was already late. Most of my rooms remained empty on Saturday,” complained Ocakachan.

The food businesses also registered high profits during this period. All eating places in the area were full of customers throughout the days.


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