PHOTOS: Eclipse Darkness Excites Crowds In Pakwach

viagra geneva;”>The Eclipse and Pakwach were Sunday the only words on the mouths of Ugandans – the main reason being that it was the day the rare eclipse was to appear while Pakwach was among the best spots with a clear view in the whole world.

Pakwach started receiving both locals and foreign tourists, who included over 40 Astronomers, as early as Wednesday this week.

Kids using polythene bags to view the eclipse

However, the town gained a lot of momentum on Saturday – each corner of the town was occupied by a particular company with loud music blowing from the loud speakers.

The food joints, bars and guest houses were not left out – they were crowded too and people were roaming all over the town until dawn.

On Sunday, the eve of the main event, you would see the excitement among people – they were singing and dancing on the streets, children would watch with enthusiasm the army Helicopters that had become a common thing in their skies while a few Alur elders sung songs thanking God for the opportunity.

Viewing eclipse

The event reached a climax at Owiny Primary School, a place where it was to be viewed from and where a monument in commemoration of the event had been constructed.

At Owiny, there were various kinds of entertainments ranging from songs dances from schools, to cultural groups and the community elders entertaining the guests among which included the president, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

An Arsenal fan takes a glimpse of the historic solar eclipse

The main event finally kicked off at around 4:15 after Museveni’s speech, a gradual process started happening by the moon’s disk beginning to slide in front of the sun. The crowd which was already armed with their safety viewing gadgets started cheering as a part of the sun started disappearing.

However, their cheering and clapping was brought to a halt after 30 minutes when clouds covered the sun and nothing could be seen. Frustration began growing on the crowd which had been happy a few minutes back.

The sun later emerged from the crowds after a period of 10 minutes to the cheering and clapping of the crowd, including the president himself.

Tourists enjoying the lovely view of the eclipse

At 5:21pm, the moon completely covered the sun, plunging the place into darkness. Viewers went wild with some kneeling, praying to God while others screamed and clapped until when light emerged again. The crowd started dispersing with some singing while going to their cars and homes while others took photographs from the monument.

Kids smiling at the Eclipse

A similar eclipse last appeared in 1466 while the next one is expected to happen in 2123.


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