Kenya Honours Departed Freedom Fighter


here geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Speaking in Murang’a at the funeral service of the late Mr. Geoffrey Kibe Kamau on Friday, buy the President said the youth would positively contribute to the country’s development if they embraced the ideals of the independent heroes.

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Mr. Kamau, 81, was one of the country’s freedom fighters.

“We will go far if we follow our liberation icons’ determination and commitment to unity, peace and nation building spirit,” the President said.

He said under his administration, the country’s independence heroes and heroines will always be honoured, adding that a Bill that will cater for their welfare is already in Parliament waiting to be passed by Members of the National Assembly.

Paying tribute to the late Mr. Kibe Kamau, the President described him as one of the icons of Kenya’s freedom struggle who laid down their lives for the sake of the country’s independence.

He noted that despite his incarceration for six years by the colonialists, the late Mr. Kibe Kamau’s ambition was not dimmed but instead he went on to become one of the most successful indigenous farmers in the country.

Speaking during the occasion, Murang’a leaders led by Governor Mwangi Wa Iria, Senator Kembi Gitura and area Member of National Assembly, Alice Muthoni said the International Criminal Court (ICC) should not be allowed to undermine Kenya’s sovereignty by forcing its top leaders to stand trial at the Hague.

The Murang’a said by overwhelmingly voting for President Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto, Kenyans sent a strong signal to ICC and the world at large that Kenya was an independent country ready to run its affairs without external interference.

“The President and Deputy President represent the country’s unity and are a symbol of our nationhood which should not be ridiculed by the ICC,” Senator Gitura leaders said.

They termed the ICC a ‘vehicle of imperialism used by Africa’s former colonialists to propagate their interests in the now independent countries’.

The leaders emphasized that once the President and Deputy President were elected into office, their cases at the ICC ceased to be personal and became national affairs.

They said if the ICC was mindful of the welfare of the majority of the Kenyan voters, they would listen to their pleading voice and terminate the cases for the sake of the country’s peace and unity.

The late Mr. Kibe Kamau was laid to rest at his farm in Kabati, Murang’a County at a burial that was attended by hundreds of leaders from across the country.

On his way back to Nairobi, President Kenyatta made a stopover at Kabati trading centre to acknowledge greetings from hundreds of residents who had lined-up the road.

The President urged them to focus on developing their county, saying the national and county governments should always work together to improve the lives of Kenyans.


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