Teachers Happy With New Digital Hub


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The Ministry of Education and Sports together with telecom company Airtel Uganda and British Council on Thursday as a way of spearheading development of ICT in schools launched the facility.

In an interview with Chimpreports, William Musaazi, an IT Supervisor at the school noted that facility will benefit both teachers and the children.

“It will make work easy for teachers while the students will also enjoy everything taught to them on top of easing access to information which is necessary in making learners understand what is being taught,” stressed Musaazi.

Musaazi said ICT has provided learners with several materials that can’t be provided under the normal teaching process.

“You can now look at the detailed circulatory system and indicate all the relevant micro parts with just a click of the mouse which was not the case with the blackboard. This is now fun as the students enjoy it which will enhance studies,” he added.

Musaazi further stressed that learners have been able to bring the world closer by venturing into new innovative ideas and creation of different friends using different social networks.

He howeve,r called for vigilance in the supervision of pupils to ensure that they don’t have access to pornographic sites which may lead to immorality among them.

“We are carrying on massive sensitization by teaching learners about the dangers of accessing such pornographic sites which might be detrimental on their early lives where they cannot separate between good and bad,” he said.

Musaazi has called upon the Ministry of Education change the country’s education syllabus to be tailored towards basic research at an early stage because through that he said , government shall be able to promote innovations.

“With development, if there are no people coming up with new ideas and analyzing different ideas, we cannot develop as a country,” he noted.


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