BOU: Inflation Hits Mbarara Hardest


buy more about geneva;”> “This was driven by high price levels for food, bottled beer, clothing, meals in restaurant and others goods & services.”

Masaka registered the second highest Annual Inflation rate of 10.0 % up from a 7.8 % recorded in September 2013. The inflation rate was also attributed to high price levels for food, mineral water, bottled beer, malwa, clothing and education charges.

Kampala middle and low Income registered the third highest Annual Inflation rate of 9.7 % compared to a 10.0% recorded in September 2013.

However, Arua recorded a negative Inflation rate of 0.6 % from a 0.3 % rise in September 2013. The main driver was decreased price levels for food, tobacco leaves and charcoal.

It also stated that the Annual Food Crops Inflation rate declined to 14.3 % in October 2013 from 16.2 % recorded for the year ended September 2013.

The Annual Non – Food Inflation declined to 6. 8 % October from 7.1% recorded in September. The monthly increase in prices was recorded for petrol, diesel, kerosene, clothing, rent, telephone tariffs, bicycle spare parts and some households and personal goods. However, prices for charcoal and firewood went down in most centres.

The Annual Inflation rate for Other Goods declined to 6.4 % in October from 6.7 % recorded in September 2013.

For Services, the Annual Inflation rate remained stable at 7.5 %.

There was also an increase in prices for staple food items, pineapples, meat, and chicken in some centers. The overall effect, therefore, was a 0.3% decrease in the composite Food Index during the month (Table s 2).

However, the Annual Headline Inflation rate for the month of October 2013 has decreased from 8.4% in September to 8.4%.


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