Museveni To Defend 27-Year Presidency In Al Jazeera Interview


see geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to the President’s Special Communications Assistant, medicine Sarah Kagingo, Al Jazeera English sought an interview with Museveni on the margins of the 68th UN General Assembly in New York.

The Qatari network’s James Bays probed President Museveni on a number of issues including Uganda mediated peace process in Congo, the African Intervention Force, engagement of Drones and the conflict in Somalia.

Museveni was also asked to give his views on the situation in Central African Republic (CAR), the International Criminal Court vis a vis Kenya, the International Criminal Court’s bias on Africa and why it has not carried out investigations in Sri Lanka and Syria.

Museveni will also explain why his government shutdown Ugandan newspapers in the wake of a controversial letter authored by renegade General, David Sejusa.

The President will further discuss progress on the Regional Integration process, Uganda’s struggle against corruption, his 27 year-long tenure of leadership and the future of Uganda and Africa in General.

Sources said Museveni will defend his protracted presidency and also warn against a possible neo-colonisation of Africa.


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