Moslems Cautioned On Terrorism


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more about geneva; font-size: small;”>The call was made by Amir Daula Sulaiman Kakeeto, the Sheikh for Clock Tower Mosque, in Kampala during the Friday Juma prayers at the mosque.

“All mosques should have walk- through metal detectors on top of being vigilant by all the people if we are to fight terrorism,” explained Kakeeto.

Kakeeto added that there should also be community policing in all areas .

The Sheikh however refuted claims that the muslims are attributed to Al Shabaab attacks and noted that the insurgents are an independent group, urging that Islam advocates for peace in world.

The Sheikh further called upon government to tighten security in public places like taxi parks, building and hotels.

“There should be police officers cat all the entrances to check both people and their luggage before entering the public places,” advised Kakeeto.

This comes in at a time when the army has just issued a warning about suspected terror threats by the Al Shabaab insurgents to Uganda and therefore warned people to be vigilant.

“Security awareness is what is imperative today, and this shouldn’t stop in the city centre. Other urban areas outside Kampala are equally vulnerable to these attacks. We don’t want to take any more chances,” warned the Chief of Defence Forces Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala.


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