Teachers Urged To Extend Teaching Hours


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This call was made by Lubaga Cathedral’s Father Joseph Mary Kasirye in an exclusive interview with Chimpreports.

“Teachers should give find extra time after the normal studies and teach the children because a lot of time has been lost during the teachers’ strike,” advised Kasirye.

The father explained that lessons should be extended from 4:00pm to 6:00 pm so that the children catch up with their colleagues in the private schools.

“They will all do the same final exams at the end of the term and this needs a lot of preparation,” cautioned Kasirye.

The Lubaga Cathedral Father therefore called upon the children to put n more effort as they prepare for the final exams.

According to the Uganda National Examination Board time table, UCE candidates will begin their exams on October 11, senior six candidates on November 8 while PLE candidates will begin on November 1.


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