Ugandans Called Out Of The Comfort Zone


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Addressing journalists in Kampala, Twaweza founder Rakesh Rajani explained that Ugandans are challenged to stop waiting for the transformation to come from their role models, politicians or celebrities but take action by themselves today.

“In life we always want to wait for something to happen, maybe from God, out president, church leaders, or winning lotto. But whatever the case is, these wishes always remain in waiting,” explained Rajani.

The Swahili tagline ‘Ni sisi’ (change is us) seeks to spur determination and action about how people can contribute to society, development of their lives by looking into their challenges, and crafting their own solutions to the problems they face.

Rakesh noted that the program in Uganda was partly inspired by previous research studies which placed the country among the top two enterprising and business minded countries in the world.

This he believes is a good foundation for inspiring the nationals to create a change all by themselves and stop being dependant on external forces.

Twaweza board member Male Mukasa said that the initiative intends to guide Ugandans to begin by changing the smallest aspects of their day to day lives before moving into bigger ground moving initiatives.

“There are so many negative aspects that are characteristic of Ugandans. They see no problem going around littering the way and expecting someone to come cleaning after them. They also enjoy jumping queues. These are small aspects that keep developing into worse traits and are even taken up by government leaders into big offices,” explained Mukasa.

Mukasa added, “We can wait all day for something else to take care of our problems, or we can make ourselves part of the solution. The world we live in is the world we have helped create and therefore it’s on ourselves to make it better.”


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