O-Level, A Requirement For Councilors: Report


The findings of the study were disseminated during a workshop for Members of Parliament, leading district representatives, experts and diplomats on at Protea Hotel in Kampala.

The Report in its findings notes that most councilors in local governments don’t have academic qualifications and recommended that completion of the Ordinary Level Certificate of education should be a requirement for the councilors.

The report also recommends that the technical staff at sub-county level should be university graduates.

The Study report also notes that the local governments should be involved in the review of the financing that is allocated in each financial year.

The report also notes that the grants to the districts are computed using the 2002 population census statistics which are out-dated and not taking into account the increasing costs of inflation.

It highlights that the funding to each child enrolled in a UPE school has stagnated at Shs7,000 for the last decade. The report recommends an improved grant system to achieve efficiency.

The report further notes that lack of accountability is due to low remuneration, lack of health insurance, expensive education and lack of pension for the local leaders.

It also cites high dependency, a poor punitive environment and lifestyles that reward mischief as factors contributing to accountability challenges.

The report recommends that sector investments should be lumped under one accountability mechanism and not broken as is the case with Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF), Peace Recovery and Development Plan (PRDP), Teso, Bunyoro, Northern Uganda and Karamoja State Ministries.

The Local Government Study that the Office of the Inspector General of Government be decentralized and link it strongly to the regional local government public accounts committees.

The report recommends that audits must also be accompanied by actual visits especially for physical structures like roads, staff houses and water points among others.

The report concluded that service delivery needs to focus on quality and not mere quantities.


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