Museveni Woos Chinese Investors


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“Africa is a huge continent with a growing population and many rich natural resources. Whereas it was colonized and fragmented into small states, it is still linked historically and it is correct to take Africa as one unit,” explained Museveni.

The president was addressing a delegation of Chinese investors under their umbrella body the China Foundation of Global Partnership and noted that Africa has been able to work for integration of markets leading to formation of COMESA and East African Community.

“The issue of infrastructure needs money and investment. It is a bottleneck and an opportunity. When you invest in infrastructure you solve a problem for us and profits for yourselves. Infrastructure such as electricity and railway is very crucial. The roads are very important, but we are handling those ourselves,” Museveni explained.

The President said Uganda’s human resource is educated and healthy ready to acquire skills, adding that the problem now is to acquire jobs for them.

The managing director of China Foundation for Global partnership, assured the President that Chinese investors who had just returned from a tour of Africa where looking forward to exploiting investment opportunities in Uganda.


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