Museveni Takes Anti-ICC Campaign To UN


medical sans-serif; font-size: 9pt; line-height: 200%;”>Speaking to the world leaders at the international function on Wednesday morning, Museveni emphasized African anger regarding “actors who are beginning to make it a habit to ignore African Union positions on African matters.”

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A case in point, he said, was the actions of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in relation to the elected leaders of Kenya.

“The ICC, in a shallow, biased way has continued to mishandle complex African issues,” he stated. “The ICC should stop…Kenya is recovering. Let her recover,” charged the President.

Museveni said the “latest manifestation of arrogance is from the ICC,” blaming the Hague-based court for targeting African leaders and stoking tensions in the region.

Kenyan leaders, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and Arap Sang are facing charges of crimes against humanity at the ICC.

This is not the first time Museveni is attacking the ICC.

During President Kenyatta’s inauguration, Museveni saluted Kenya for the “rejection of the blackmail by the International Criminal Court (ICC) and those who seek to abuse this institution for their own agenda.”

“I was one of those that supported the ICC because I abhor impunity. However, the usual opinionated and arrogant actors using their careless analysis have distorted the purpose of that institution,” said Museveni.

“They are now using it to install leaders of their choice in Africa and eliminate the ones they do not like. What happened here in 2007 was regrettable and must be condemned,” he emphasized. The President said a legalistic process, especially an external one, however, cannot address those events.

“Events of this nature first and most importantly, need an ideological solution by discerning why they happened. Why did inter community violence occur? Was it for genuine or false reasons?” he challenged the audience.

“Even if you assume they were genuine reasons as a hypothetical argument, why should villagers attack one another? Would the villagers have been responsible for whatever mistakes that would have occurred?” he further asked. He said instead of a thorough and thoughtful process, “we have individuals engaged in legal gymnastics!”

Swords drawn against ICC

Kenya has already withdrawn its membership to the ICC and an African Union (AU) Summit due next month will see leaders discuss whether to remain as part of The Hague or withdraw from the Rome Statute.

Ethiopia has since expressed its support to Kenya’s campaign for all African countries to collectively withdraw from the Rome Statue, the treaty that established the International Criminal Court.

Government Communication Affairs Office Minister, Redwan Hussien, has detailed the Ethiopian Government’s concern with the ICC’s sole focus on African leaders.

Redwan said “We do not appreciate what the ICC has been doing, particularly when it comes to African leaders.

It is belittling and it is disparaging the African leadership. We stand by the Kenyan people and we stand by the Kenyan government.”

Last Friday, the Government of Ivory Coast announced its decision not to send the former First Lady, Simone Gbagbo, to the ICC to stand trial.

The AU announced that there will be an extraordinary Heads of State Summit on October 13 in Addis Ababa to discuss the concern of African states and consider a common position on ICC.

Speaking to world leaders at the UN assembly, Museveni said despite of some mistakes by some actors, his country had been able to achieve many of the Millennium Development goals.

“Without any doubt, Uganda and much of Africa are moving forward robustly.”

He is one of scores of leaders to speak at the annual General Assembly session at which heads of State and Government and other high-level officials will present their views and comments on issues of individual national and international relevance.


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