UPDF Welcome LRA ‘Surrender’


The UN on Monday noted that 1200 LRA fighters had agreed to end fighting and surrender their weapons to the Central African Republic government.

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The Chief of Defence Forces for UPDF Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala on Tuesday noted that the army was not opposed to the decision and would therefore not curtail the process but rather hold onto their excitement until the actual surrendering was witnessed.

“We are glad to learn of their decision to surrender in such big numbers, cialis 40mg but we also know that this is not the first time, and we only have to hope that they are serious this time round,” explained Katumba.

The Chief of Defence forces noted that despite the rebel group’s heinous atrocities they committed for more than two decades, the army was cognizant of the fact that a big number of them were innocently sacked into and trained in the group.

“They are all free to surrender, we will not attack them; after all we have been going around, throwing leaflets in their areas of concentration with messages encouraging them to come out,” added Katumba.

Katumba however noted that the situation of the insurgents was gradually worsening and that by all means they had lesser and lesser options other than resigning.

“Life out there in the jungle is not the best you can wish for. Besides, living in the Central African Region is more difficult than perhaps in the DRC, where one could easily survive on natural vegetation and food. We believe that the going could have become tougher for them,” explained the Chief of Defence Forces.

Katumba further observed that those who had earlier surrendered had not been harassed or dragged to courts of law, and that this could have also provided the rebels with assurance that they were safer as civilians ‘rather than living an animal life in the jungle’..


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