Mbidde Advises On Kenya Attacks


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In an exclusive interview with Chimpreports, Mbidde noted that the attack on Westgate Mall in Kenya demands a lot of task from the East African Parliament.

“It is extremely important now and we need expert opinion on what exactly is the problem leading to increased terrorism in the community,” Mbidde demanded.

Mbidde therefore called upon the Heads of State summit to quickly expedite the implementation of the joint protocol on peace and security of the EAC member states.

“They should first relax their membership to other customs territories like SADAC, IGAD and concentrate their efforts on the East African Community soil to approve and implement the joint protocol on peace and security,” Mbidde advised.

The EALA member added that the East African member states should also improve on specialized training on anti terrorism activities for purposes of the improving the joint police structure that was established under the protocol.

Mbidde said East Africa is now extremely fragile and the security systems are not up to date which can always be intercepted by terrorism activities.

“Security is only around presidents and what is called security is only restrictions to free movement which is a wrong interpretation of security,” explained the lawmaker.

Mbidde has called upon East Africans to quickly rethink about the methods of solving security and governance problems within the community.

“Sometimes governance problems cannot be simply solved by war because it leads to destruction of property and loss of lives,” warned Mbidde.


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