Uhuru Assures Of Victory As Death Toll Rises To 72


order geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In a long and rousing speech, possibly aimed at allaying suspicions that the fear of Al Shabaab had broken the Kenyans’ psyche, Uhuru said “as long as Kenya remains our home, we are indomitable,” adding, “because of what we have done, we have not been shaken.”

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“We will ensure that Kenya always retains its honour among nations. The glory of Kenya is the fruit of our collective labour. That is what our founding fathers inscribed in our National Anthem,” said Kenyatta, in a bid to reunite a nation fractured by fear and grief.

He said 6 security officers made the “ultimate sacrifice to defeat the criminals.”

Of the injured, 62 were operated on and remain hospitalized. Kenyatta said Forensic teams are still at work at the scene of the tragedy.

“I report with great sadness that 61 civilians lost their lives in the attack,” said the President.

He further observed that Kenya’s confrontation with the terrorists at Westgate Mall left 240 casualties.

“As we put this tragic period behind us, let us stay true to who we are. My resolve is strengthened by the certainty that I lead a nation of fine folk who deserve our best. Let us work in unity, in the spirit with which we defeated the monster of terrorism,” said Kenyatta.

“Unity will heal the wounds inflicted on us. We must put development and happiness within our reach. Unity will help confront the obstacles in our way to prosperity.”

Kenyatta’s speech comes at a time Kenya is nearing the end of the Westgate terror crisis that has shaken the world and sent ripples down the spines of security chiefs across the region.

In a televised address, the President said the killing of five terrorists with gunfire and seizure of 11 suspects, marked the “defeat of the enemy” and “in resolutely looking forward and never turning back, we have shown the world what our values can do.”

Insisting that “Kenya has stared down Evil and triumphed,” Kenyatta said he had declared 3 days of National Mourning starting Wednesday with official flags flying at half-mast.

To prove to the nation that the Al Shabaab terrorism had no place in the modern world, Kenyatta recounted the encouraging telephone calls from leaders across the globe, including Barrack Obama, Goodluck Jonathan, Jacob Zuma and David Cameron, who also expressed their sympathies and best wishes and assured him of victory.

He said Presidents Yoweri Museveni, Paul Kagame, Jakaya Kikwete, Salva Kiir and Pierre Nkurunziza called him on a daily basis to show their solidarity with Kenyans as they faced the most traumatising attack in the country’s post-independence history.

“The people of Kenya thank you,” Kenyatta told the leaders.


“We have prevailed just by being who we typically are, and have been from the time of our forefathers. In caring and giving; in loving and uniting; we have defeated the enemy,” he added.

Kenyatta emphasized that terrorism is a “global problem that requires global solutions” and also paid a special tribute to the security forces, saying, “No one among us take for granted that every time you accost evildoers, you put your life on the line.”

He added: “The dedication and professionalism of the valiant officers has made Kenyans proud. I appreciate the excellent work of our security forces.”

Local leaders

Turning to local leaders, Kenyatta said “deep inside, where it counts most, we are one, indivisible national family. I salute national leaders of every stripe who stood together to reassure the nation.”

Kenyatta’s political rivals, including Raila Odinga, put aside their differences to unite the nation against the brutal hand of death.

He further extended his appreciation to the doctors, nurses, counselors and other volunteers who thought nothing of their comforts during the heart wrenching ordeal that kept Kenya on the edge for four days.

“There is, evidently, no limit to your patriotic sacrifice. I am humbled and encouraged. Thank you all for your patience and understanding in the anxious moments,” said the President.

Kenyatta said the unity, selflessness and empathy shown over the last 3 days in massive blood donations and raising of millions of Kenya shillings to support terror victims, has been “touching” and “exemplary”

“I have always known that our country is a splendid nation of fine, patriotic citizens. As a nation, our head is bloodied, but unbowed. These cowards will meet justice, as will their accomplices and patrons, wherever they are.”

Regarding the identities of the attackers, Kenyatta said government “cannot confirm the nationalities of the terrorists” but expressed hope that “Unity will heal the wounds inflicted on us.”

“My resolve is strengthened by the certainty that I lead a nation of fine folk who deserve our best work. Let us work in unity, in the spirit with which we defeated the monster of terrorism,” said the President.

“Amid the horror and confusion of the past few days, you have been incredibly strong. You have held each other’s hand, and extended this love to our visitors. Your resilience and compassion have saved many lives and brought hope and comfort to countless families. I have drawn strength and inspiration from your wonderful example,” Uhuru told Kenya.

He said the attackers failed miserably in their wishes to destroy the essential character of the Kenyan society.

“In one accord, we shall prosper. In one accord we have triumphed. We shall rise as one, defend and build this nation together. With our openness and inclusivity; we shall confront and overcome all the challenges facing us as a nation.”


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