UPDF Declares Sejusa Deserter

viagra approved geneva;”>While addressing journalists at the army headquarters in Mbuya, view the Chief of the Defence Forces Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala noted that Sejusa had contravened the army laws and was officially liable for the charge

“In military norms and laws we call that Absentee without Official Leave [AWOL]. Right now Sejusa has exceeded the mandated twenty one days in which any serving officer must report back to dusty,” explained Katumba.

The Chief of the Defence Forces further emphasized that the process of replacing the renegade general’s parliamentary position as one of the 10 Army representatives in the House, was underway, adding that the UPDF could not afford doing business short of that one member.

Katumba however said that the Forces were not in a hurry to file any charges against Sejusa, and that they would rather ‘cross that bridge when they reach it’

Sejusa fell out with the government he had served since inception, and was compelled to sneak out of the country and seek refuge in the UK, following an alleged letter he wrote to the ISO chief requesting for an investigation into a plan to terminate army and government officials who were against the “Muhoozi project”.

The Chief of the Defence forces has therefore warned against the excitement caused by Sejusa’s missives and added that the army was getting tired of making responses to them.

“Sejusa is not the UPDF. He was once part of the high command, but he wasn’t the first and he probably won’t be the last,” fumed Katumba.

“I don’t see why we should keep wasting time on this one issue. He decided to take his path, it was his own decision, just let him be. I will not waste any, more of my breath on Sejusa because I think I have lots of other commitments; a whole 50,000 force to take charge of,” explained the Chief of Defence Forces

Katumba noted that the only time he would get concerned about Sejusa would be when he started on something un constitutional, such as a rebellion, which he believed would not be welcomed by Ugandans because they have been through a lot of strife and would not want to be drawn aback.


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