Kenya Edges Closer To End Of Westgate Crisis


ed geneva; font-size: small;”>The President’s spokesperson, information pills Manoah Esipisu, salve said “Our forces are combing the mall floor by floor looking for anyone left behind. We believe all hostages have been released.”

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Kenya authorities said on Twitter that the public should wait for official communication which will be issued soon.

“We urge you to wait for official communication. Information being communicated to you has to be confirmed and verified before we release it,” said the Kenya Defence Forces.

A press conference on the status of the building is expected to be conducted by Cabinet Secretary Joseph Lenku, KDF boss, Gen Julius Karangi and State House spokesperson, Manoah Esipisu.

KDF insists that Westgate remains a crime scene and that the public must keep off the area.

Government further said all roads leading to this mall have been cordoned off.

“We appeal for patience, keep calm, avoid Westgate at all costs and wait for the official communication,” said KDF.

At least 62 people innocent people have been killed since the Al Shabaab militants seized the upmarket shopping mall at Saturday lunchtime.

However, around 7:56am, heavy gunfire was heard at the Westgate Mall with KDF personnel emerging out of the shopping complex with two hostages.

Thick black smoke also continues to billow from the roof of the shopping Mall, raising fears that hostage rescue mission might not be over yet.

At least 10 suspects have been arrested at Kenyatta International Airport for questioning in relation to Westgate attack, according to the Interior Ministry.

Security at all entry and exits across the country has being heightened to block suspected terrorists from fleeing the country.

Several world leaders have since condemned the attack as cowardly, with President Uhuru Kenyatta vowing a heavy punishment for the Al Shabaab.

Deputy Vice President, William Ruto, who jetted in on Monday night from Hague, thanked all the Kenyans who have showed solidarity in this trying period.

“Kenyans have closed ranks to show this, I thank you.”

Ruto said “It’s unfortunate that the terror gangs thought that there would be a power vacuum when they attacked but, shame on them. We are determined and resolved that Kenya will be a safe country for every Kenyan and tourist.”

“Because they work for the devil, we work for a living God and we shall defeat them. We want them to know that Kenya is ready for them; we have what it takes to make our country safe. We have thwarted many attempts of terrorism and we shall up our game. The God whom we hail and acknowledge has answered our prayers and we shall keep being a democratic and peaceful nation.”


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