Kenya: Al Shabaab To Decide On Hostages’ Fate


website like this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Al Shabaab terrorists said in a brief statement on their Twitter handle that their “leaders are having a meeting right now to decide the fate of hostages!”

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illness geneva;”>The Somali militants, what is ed whose attack has led to the death of at least 59 people and injuring 179 others, have a bloody-stained record of beheading hostages.

Several suspected AMISOM informers are routinely executed at Al Shabaab meetings in Somalia.

However, Kenya officials are optimistic that their security forces will have fully swept the entire rooms of the huge shopping centre by close of Sunday.

The Al Shabaab have as well put in place another Twitter handle for their propaganda. In recent tweets, they claim that their Mujahideen inside Westgate are “doing great and happy to carry such successful operation.”

Joseph Ole Lenku, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary in charge of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government on Sunday said they were in charge of the CCTV room and were closely monitoring the activities inside the Mall.

The Al Shabaab further announced the arrival of two squads which would “replace our first two now.”

Observers say such a move would be unlikely considering the heavy deployment of Kenyan forces outside the complex.


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