Bwanika: Alupo a Disaster To Uganda’s Education


adiposity geneva; font-size: small;”>“The Ministry of Education is one of the central sectors of government that are necessary in fostering development in a country and this requires one who is skillful and with great experience which Alupo doesn’t have, ” Bwanika expounded.

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Bwanika said if one is to lead the ministry of Education, must preside over the whole sector but it was a shame to see Alupo still soliciting for degrees from Makerere last year.

“How can my boy be graduating and the minister of education is also graduating; that means there is no focus in education,” Bwanika wondered.

Bwanika said it is very disgusting and unfair to have Alupo presiding over Dr. J.C Muyingo who is a highly experienced man and has served in education system of this country for a reasonable period of time.

“How can a ministry fail to arbitrate between FUFA and FUFA limited but keeps on forwarding everything to the president?” Bwanika wondered.

He therefore called upon Ugandans to “expect nothing that will boost the education system of this country from such an incompetent minister.”

This comes at a time when teachers under their umbrella organisation, UNATU, have entered the fifth day of their sit-down strike demanding for the promised 20 percent salary increment which was agreed in the Memorandum of Understanding which was signed between them and the President.

The government up to date still insists that there is no money to raise the teachers’ salary scale in this financial year.

The President was recently quoted declaring that these teachers will all be sacked if they failed to go back to work.

Bwanika advised government to reduce on non-priority expenses in terms of allowances, workshops, conferences; international medical bills and travels which will enable them find the shs139bn for the teachers’ pay rise.

“The government must understand that you cannot transform the economy of the country by simply building infrastructure,” he added.

“If we want to transform this nation, we should invest and build the infrastructure but also should invest in the human resource of our country; there is nowhere in the world were a nation has been transformed by only infrastructure,” Bwanika advised.


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