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Sejusa Breaks Silence On Coup Threats


this site http://chopcult.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-symposium/include/images/secure.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Sejusa, http://crazytour.am/wp-includes/theme.php in his latest missive to the media, referred to a time last year when Kadaga and the Executive locked horns on whether to recall Parliament to debate the mysterious death of Butaleja Woman MP, Cerinah Nebanda.

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Government had insisted that Nebanda succumbed to consumption of illicit drugs and that it was unnecessary to recall MPs from leave.

But a cross-section of vocal MPs alleged that government had a hand in the lawmaker’s death before demanding a debate on the matter.

Government vehemently denied the charge and ordered a police investigation into the legislators’ remarks.

It was at that time that President Museveni was quoted by the press as saying the Parliament would be recalled over his dead body.

Presidential public relations officials denied the report, saying Museveni had been misquoted.

In his latest communication seen by Chimpreports on Wednesday, Sejusa reacted angrily over Kadaga’s letter in which she ordered the exiled coordinator of intelligence organs to appear in Parliament today Wednesday or forfeit his seat where he represents the army.

“First, I want to thank the Right Honourable Speaker of Parliament for her perseverance and courage when she extended my leave of absence for the first time. I am mindful of the pressure and threats she is working under like when the president told her she could only recall parliament upon his dead body,” Sejusa said in his opening remarks.

“She of course did not recall it because had she done so, the consequences both to her person and the institution of Parliament were going to be dire. This was a naked threat to use force against the speaker and the institution of parliament if parliament had been called. A threat made by one entrusted to uphold the constitution and protect the very Parliament he was now threatening,” he added.

“As I wrote earlier, the plan had been to arrest the speaker, abrogate the Constitution by use of an internal ‘palace coup’ orchestrated by Mr Museveni himself. This was not a mere threat because the plans were duly communicated to the country by the president himself, the minister of Defence Hon Dr Kiyonga and the CDF Gen Aronda ( as he then was),” he further alleged.

Aronda and Kiyonga were separately quoted as confirming Museveni’s warning during an NRM retreat at Kyankwanzi National Leadership Institute (NALI) that the army would carry out a coup if the Parliament continued exhibiting lack of seriousness.

However, the President’s Deputy Press Secretary, Linda Nabusayi accused the media of spinning the President’s communication.

She quoted the President as saying: “If the good, decent people who cannot afford to have money withdraw, then Uganda may be taken over by crooks and that will be a real crisis, we may even have to have a military coup because I don’t think the army can accept crooks.”

Nabusayi clarified that Museveni never made a direct threat to seize Parliament.

Sejusa throws spanner in the works

However, Sejusa says the coup threats were “real.’

“I am giving this background so that the country can appreciate the pressures and real threats to life faced by the Speaker. It’s not imagined. It’s real. It is under such circumstances that the Right Honourable Speaker made her latest ruling,” added Sejusa.

“She herself says as much but in less explicit way when she says she had to seek the views of the Chief of Defence Forces. Under the constitution of Uganda the Speakers powers and roles are about supposed to be shared. Most especially with the military. That is the absurd situation Uganda finds itself in. A democracy that never was really!”

Sejusa has in recent months made several eyebrow-raising allegations against the President without providing evidence to substantiate them.

Army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said “Sejusa is determined to keeping making allegations. Every day he has a new allegation. We are tired of responding to falsehoods.”

Sejusa ruled out fighting Kadaga, saying “To go to court to challenge the Speaker’s ruling would be fighting the wrong enemy. Those who fight wrong enemies never win wars. I refuse to fight with the speaker refuse to fight with that Parliament. I respect the Speaker tremendously but also understand the pressures and dangers she faces.”

Kadaga yesterday said in any event her records now indicate that Sejusa has been absent from the House without the permission of the Speaker for more than 15 fifteen sittings of the House.

“In the circumstances, I note that your continued absence from the House is in contravention of Rule 101(6) of the Rules of Procedure of Parliament which provides that: (6) except with the permission of the Speaker, a member shall not absent himself or herself from 15 or more sittings of the House during any period when the House is continuously meeting”.

She added: “I am now constrained to invoke the powers of the Speaker under rule 101(7) of the Rules of Procedure of Parliament. I hereby give you a warning for your continued absence from the House, and accordingly require you to attend the House at the next sitting of Parliament.”


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