The Way Forward For Uganda Cranes


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sale geneva; font-size: small;”>Uganda succumbed to an 84 minute strike by Senegal’s Sadi Mane ending the country’s hopes of taking part in the world’s biggest football competition.

However the focus for the Uganda Cranes team should now be focused on the 2015 African Nations Cup in Morocco with all the stakeholders involved in our team taking part in building systems that would enable the team be the best on the continent.

Take to grassroots

The football governing body in Uganda should go down to the grass roots and organize the systems right from there.

FUFA should invest in many football competitions that would see many talents come up.

Its worthy to note that if it had not been the Masaza cup, the Uganda Cranes would have missed the player we have in Emma Okwi.

School competitions like the primary, post primary and the university football competitions should be used by the governing body to search for talents and the best talents brought and groomed.

It should be noted that Uganda Cranes goalkeeper Dennis Onyango is one of the products of the post primary competitions and a lot has been achieved from the player.

Scouts from the national team and local clubs should use the competitions as a golden opportunity to identify the best players to recruit in their teams.

Follow up on players

One of the biggest problems that Uganda faces is following up on different players to assess their performance.

Many players who play well have always not been summoned for national duty due to lack of follow up by the administrators of the team and the football governing body in the country.

The football administrators should develop a culture of monitoring all Ugandans footballers wherever they ply their trade from in search for good talent.

Football politics

Politics in the game of football in the country has done more harm than good to the development of the game.

There is politics right from the administrators, journalists, fans, and the teams in the national league with different factions fighting for supremacy which has ruined the game.

It’s worthy to note that Uganda now has two leagues and with teams who play in both leagues with each league claiming to be legitimate which is impossible.

The minister for education and sports recently came out and lashed out at officials from both leagues and therefore announced that both leagues are not legitmate.

Governnment should clearly come out and make decisions on the legitimate league in the country.

The football federation in Uganda should amend their relations with all their enemies if the game of football in the country is to develop.

Lawyer Fred Muwema and his colleague Kavuma Kabenge should be brought for round table talks with FUFA if the game is to be uplifted and see how their faction can be assimilated into the football administration for the improvement of the game.


The country needs to have foundations on which to built football and these should be in academies.

The football administrators in the country should facilitate football academies in all parts of the country which would enhance talent in the country.

The few existing academies should be empowered by the football governing body and government.

A good example of a country that has done well in nurturing talent on the African continent is Egypt which has as many as football academies which have groomed many of their players.

It’s not by mistake that Egypt has talents in players like Mohammed Aboutrka, Gyedo, Hossam Mido, Hossam Hassan and Muhammad Zidane all graduating from academies like Zamalek and Al, Ahly.

Egyptians clubs have also continued to dominate African football with those two clubs being at the helm of the CAF Champions League every year.

It’s also worthy to note that due to reorganization and groom talent from the grassroots, the Nigerian Super Eagles were able to win the 2013 African Nations Cup trophy after many years without any silverware.

Government support

The government should be at the fore front of developing the sport in the country.

Government should give technical and financial support to the sport if it`s to develop.

Government should extend football facilities to all parts of the country by empowering all regions to have football fields and at a national standard.

Football pitches like Kakyeka, Mbale, Boma and all the other football grounds should be rehabilitated and upgraded to desirable standards.

Government if football is to develop in the country has to set football as one of its priorities and therefore increase on the budget allocation for football in the financial year.


Media as the forth arm of government should be influential in the development of the game .

Media can be used to spot talents from all corners of the country.

The media should also try to do a rather uniting than dividing role among the football fraternity.

The media should be able to market the product of Ugandan football outside the boundaries of Uganda.

Radio stations, TV stations and news papers among other media should set football as the agenda for their broadcasts for their audiences to adopt.


The fans are also shareholders in Ugandan football and contribute a lot to the development of the game in any country.

All avenues to bring fans back to watch and love Ugandan football have to be looked upon if the game is to develop.

The fans dig into their pockets to watch Ugandan teams play and in turn the teams earn something they use to develop.

With all the above implemented, Uganda will become the African giants and the largest producer of talent in Africa.

We can restore the glory that our country once had that made us reach the 1978 African Nations Cup finals before losing to Ghana.

We should not forget that Uganda is for us all and no one has right to our own country.


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