Mao To Teachers: Don't Give Up


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Mao assured teachers that their decision to strike is lawful and government cannot arrest and prosecute any teacher but can intimidate them.

“There is no any way any teacher can be arrested and successfully prosecuted in any courts of law because their move is constitutional and is in the employment laws of Uganda,” Mao assured teachers during a press conference on Tuesday in Kampala.

Mao noted that it is unacceptable that government has now resorted to intimidating teachers using RDCs so as to sabotage their lawful pursuit.

“We strongly condemn the threats by government against teachers because strikes are normal measures that can be used to bring situations to order,” Mao explained.

The opposition political party president therefore urged teachers not to give up but persist until their plea is considered.

Teachers under their umbrella body UNATU have since vowed not to enter classrooms until government pays the twenty percent salary increment as agreed upon in the meeting between the two parties.

Government has also come out to lash at teachers and noted that money for their salary increment is not available in this financial year.


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