Alupo Decries Escalating Football Wrangles


cheapest sans-serif; font-size: small;”>These, she noted, are mainly stemming from the ongoing standoff between FUFA super League and Supersport-sponsored Uganda Super League, each of which claim command of the country’s game of football, yet of government doesn’t approve of their concurrent operations.

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“The number of petitions has been overwhelming. I have actually allocated them an entire shelf of their own,” she told journalists at the Uganda Media Centre on Tuesday.

More squabbles, Alupo further noted, have been emanating from elsewhere such as one on Nakivubo stadium about the managers and alleged encroachers.

“For this, I have set up a technical committee to handle the matters and they should be handing me a report next month. We want to come to the bottom of this once and for all,” she said.

“Government is well aware of the fact that there are two leagues being run concurrently, and this disturbs me as well,” she noted.

“The last time we inquired about the legitimacy of FSL, we got an interpretation from the solicitor General, of which we were supposed to make public, but rightfully refused to because we had a major game against Senegal whose results we could not predict.”

She noted however that since all this was now history, her ministry was better placed to produce an official communication to all players, managers and members of the public.

Alupo in July wrote to the World football governing body FIFA, declaring that FUFA, was illegal according to Uganda’s laws.

In the letter she reiterated that the National football body since 2009 had been operating as a private company which was inconsistent with the law.

She however revealed on Tuesday that a team from FIFA was due to jet in for a grand meeting that is projected to bring all the disagreements to an end.

“It’s a very big team coming, and a big meeting we will hold. We are optimistic to find lasting solutions to all these standoffs. I will ensure that you [media] are allowed in to cover it,” she said.


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