Alupo Blames Teachers' Strike On UNATU Stubbornness


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prostate geneva;”>While speaking to journalists in Kampala about new developments on the teachers’ strike, Alupo explained that government is aware and deeply committed to addressing the salary concern across all civil servants but stressed that the teachers’ umbrella body seems only bent to make matters worse.

“I was surprised yesterday. I tried to call up the Union’s Chairperson but she neither could nether pickup my calls nor answer my messages,” explained Alupo.

The Education Minster therefore noted that the teachers’ body chairperson instead called the State House Protocol desk to let them know that UNATU was not done compiling their minority report for the upcoming meeting with the president.

Alupo further denied allegations that she used a militaristic tone while communicating to the striking teachers when she threatened to have their contracts terminated once they refused to teach.

“In my communication I remember that I read out the usual government directives to the teachers and members of the public as a whole; so I didn’t give orders to anybody,” explained the education minister.

Alupo therefore noted that the directives have instead produced tangible results because the majority of the schools have reopened due to the strong message she sent out to them.

“My ministry has been moving with UNATU at all stages of the deliberations since last year until yesterday when they decided to get in touch with the state house themselves,” noted Alupo.

The education minister therefore noted that the president set up an inter-ministerial committee which according to Alupo has finished presenting its report to government for consideration with a number of recommendations and was hopeful government would find solutions to the teachers’ problems.

Alupo further noted that her ministry was in touch with the Solicitor General to ensure that all their actions were not in breach of their contractual agreements.

“Because we know that teachers, like every other civil servants are guided by laws which prevent them from absenting themselves, we are looking into all that but first priority is still on solving all this through talks,” noted Alupo.

On the blocking of the education ministry by parliament, the education minister retorted, “I am still confident the budget will be passed.”

Alupo however noted that if parliament refuses to pass the budget, government will have more reason to worry because they won’t be able to send capitation grants for the schools to open up.


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