FMU Wrangles Escalate


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The federation’s Vice president, Katende Mukiibi denied having received any money in form of grants from the world body.

“FIA doesn’t operate like other world sports governing bodies but you can only have a grant after asking for it,’’ explained Mukiibi.

He further noted that the world motorsport governing body gives money to the local governing bodies for capacity building.

However, Godfrey Nsamba, a member of the Uganda Motor Rally Drivers’ Club disputed the allegations by FMU and explained that the local motorsport governing body receives $100,000 per year from FIA.

Uganda Motor Rally Drivers’ Club sued FMU for existing illegally and wants the federation to return grants worth $1.3m that the federation has received for the last 13 years of their existence.

In an interview with ChimpSport, FMU President, George Kagimu, noted that the case in court is handled by the federation lawyer, MacDusman Kabega.

“I don’t want to talk about this case here but I want to see the game prospering,’’ explained Kagimu.

Meanwhile, FMU has endorsed Unisan Bakunda for training to become a World Rally Championship driver.

Bakunda will be leaving the country later this month to South Africa and will therefore first go through selection in South Africa before continuing to United Arab Emirates where he will study from.

Suzan Muwonge missed out after failing the criteria of the age bracket of 17 to 23 years.


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