Bebe- Chameleon War Escalates


Today morning, Bebe Cool posted on social media attacking both Chameleon and the local daily assuring them that he is more successful without their input.

“I did not advertise with u but all my concerts were full thanks to Monitor group and other Media houses that don’t fight artists,” ranted Bebe Cool.

Bebe Cool added that the daily was ashamed of “their artist’’ and that is why on he was on the front page of their Friday publication vacating his house to his father-in-law’s and stressed they are now turning their guiltiness into anger towards him (Bebe Cool).

He also called on Chameleon to join him in Kiwatule saying he had a house to offer to him.

It’s quite a pity to a comrade who up to now has failed to make a self analysis and discover that bad mouthing me doesn’t make him a wiser one except a fool,’’ replied Chameleone.

‘’ In everyone’s life lies challenges that we encounter to be better next day,” added the Badilisha singer.

Chameleone therefore advised his foe that he could never achieve what the Basiima Ogenze singer had achieved in the music industry.

‘’so put your energy in what is important to you and your family coz I got mine too,” advised Chameleone.


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