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Rwomushana Denies Arrest In Okwalinga Facebook Firestorm


find geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“The New Vision, mind a state mouthpiece to day run a story I was detained for a whole night and released the next day at 1100am over issues to do Tom Voltaire Okwalinga. I challenge Robert Kabushenga and his new vision group to tell the country which detention facility in which I was detained, for sale ” charged Rwomushana on Sunday evening.

“Folks that may happen in future but it never happened then. It’s only fools now who can’t see that New Vision is part of Okwalinga machine and the Okwalinga handlers are more powerful than you initially imagined. I challenge any manager of security to publicly confirm I was ever detained. Their silence will certainly confirm Okwalinga is their project and not for a noble cause.”

This is the latest in the social media firestorm as security hunt down Okwalinga handlers.

The Okwalinga Facebook account is well known for publishing State “secrets” though the content’s authenticity remains an issue of debate.

Observers say Okwalinga is a project initiated to destroy the reputation of Premier Amama Mbabazi’s enemies.

Some of the people alleged to be behind this scheme include Rwomushana, Maverick Shaka and Timothy Kalyegira. They vehemently deny the charge.

Contacted on Monday morning, Police publicist, Judith Nabakooba said she had no information about Rwomushana’s alleged arrest.

“I am not aware about that. Let me find out but this is the first time I am hearing something of that sort.”


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