Munyonyo Residents Construct Multi-million Mosque


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buy geneva;”>However, this was not the case with residents of Mawanga zone in Munyonyo, a Kampala suburb, who contributed money and constructed their own mosque.

According to Immam Kasozi, the Muslim leader of Mawanga community, communities have all it takes to develop themselves without depending on donations.

“I believe societies are able to produce the best but lack is organization,” noted the Imam.

He therefore stressed that through organization, communities can be able to congregate, generate ideas and come up with what is the best for them.

The community members were encouraged to contribute at least Shs100 a day for a long period of time thus raising enough money for the construction of the mosque.

Kasozi stressed that European countries were hit by the credit crunch which forced them to withdraw or cut down on their funding to projects in developing countries.

The donors give hard conditions to be fulfilled especially by the developing countries,’’ explained Kasozi, adding that some of the conditions are against the norms of these countries.

“Therefore communities should mobilize themselves to develop their localities and this will enable them avoid doing things against their own will” he noted.

The Imam therefore encouraged the other communities to borrow a leaf from the Mawanga community and develop their own communities.

“You should work together and develop facilities like schools and health centers for your communities,’’ advised Kasozi.


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