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More Details Emerge In Katatumba Murder Plot

pills geneva; font-size: small;”>A report from State House Internal Security Organization (ISO) signed by the Head Major Banana, confirmed that Captain Wandera who was also known as David, Daniel, Mohammad, Hassan etc was not an employee of State House working as legal Advisor of President Museveni.

Wandera is a legal Advisor of Shumuk Group of companies.

The report concluded that the activities of Wandera, Mukesh Shukla and Mrs. Sarah Kulata Commissioner of Lands, regarding Katatumba’s land titles should be reported to the police.

It was also revealed in court during cross examination of Dr. Katatumba that documents of 6 members of Katatumba’s family i.e. Gertrude, Grace, Angella, Rugiirwa, Ian and Boney were forged; according to Police Handwriting Experts, Mukesh used to transfer Katatumba’s Properties in his company names.

Confusion cast doubt on the first report Katatumba made to police as told by Jacob Ogwang that a certain Ahmed and an Asian were conspiring to murder Dr. Katatumba.

Mukesh’s lawyers argued that neither Mr. Mukesh nor Mr. Wandera was called Ahmed. Katatumba insisted that Wandera has over 10 different names and that as Mohammad he can also be known as Ahmed.

Katatumba said different names should not divert the fact that Jacob personally appeared in court and identified Mukesh and Wandera as his counterparts in planning to kill him.

He added that Mukesh pledged shs10m and paid out a deposit of shs7m to Wandera who gave Jacob only shs100, 000.

This compelled Jacob to inform Dr. Katatumba about the plot they had made to kill him.

Katatumba further exposed Mukesh’s sworn determination to fail him in more than 10 ways including eviction attempts, instructing Water Board and UMEME to disconnect services to Hotel Diplomate and writing to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to dismiss Dr. Katatumba from Foreign services and remove Diplomatic Immunity.

“All these attempts Mukesh has failed, in his motives,” said Katatumba.

The case is presided over by Magistrate, George Watyetere Wakhikona who set the next date of hearing to October 8, 2013.

The two business giants have been wrestling for a long time over vast properties which include the luxurious Muyenga-based Hotel Diplomate and Banda Island.

While Mukesh insists he is the rightful owner of the properties, Katatumba says Mukesh is a ‘desperate crook’ who wants to rob him in broad day light.


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