Gen Sejusa Warns Museveni


doctor geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“Whatever the Kampala regime does, approved it just can’t hold it together so I appeal to all the forces fighting for change to be resolute. Don’t blink for the time is nigh, approved ” said Sejusa in a letter to the media seen by Chimpreports on Friday.

The new missive was rolled out under the headline: “Fear of military coup forces Museveni to purge UPDF dissidents.”

Interestingly, Sejusa does not delve into the details of how Museveni is carrying out a purge in the army.

He only explains the contentious issues regarding government’s plans to kick him out of Parliament and whether he still holds the position of Coordinator of Intelligence organs.

“On the question of leaving Parliament, it goes to the bottom of our struggle against that abuser, Mr Museveni. He thinks he is the state and the state is him. So when you tell him to stop stealing or killing or breaking the law, it is equated to treason,” charged Sejusa, who fought alongside Museveni in the NRA guerilla war.

“So we must allow his abrogation of the Constitution to continue and abuse of our people should go unchallenged! This is unacceptable to the people of Uganda. It is that we reject. If I am to leave Parliament, the law must be followed to the letter. No to do so would be to allow Mr Museveni continue playing God.”

The Chief of Defence Forces Gen Katumba Wamala recently told the Parliamentary Defence Committee that the army was reviewing the law to determine whether Gen Sejusa should stay as the army representative in Parliament.

“Gen Sejusa is a deserter according to the UPDF Act. We have requested the UPDF legal advisor to interpret the law on Sejusa’s case. We really want to know if the law permits to replace Gen Sejusa’s Parliament seat and appoint another soldier,” said Katumba.

Sejusa fled Uganda in April after authoring a controversial letter seeking an investigation into reports that army officers, including himself, who are opposed to the idea of Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba rising to presidency, were targeted for assassination.

Government vehemently denied the so-called Muhoozi project.

It also accused Sejusa of spreading harmful propaganda instead of addressing his personal issues through “proper and well known channels.”

Sejusa lives in London where he continues to use international media platforms to attack President Museveni whom he accuses of dictatorship and promoting a life presidency.

Sejusa also said he had presidential ambitions and that he would do everything in his means to ensure the removal of President Museveni from power.


Chimpreports on July 9 broke the news that Sejusa was likely to lose his seat in Parliament where he represents the UPDF if he did not return to the country by the end of August.

Before flying to United Kingdom, Sejusa wrote to the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, informing her of her absence from the House for three months starting April 30.

While the three months elapsed on June 30, Tinyefuza is yet to appear in the country.

Army spokesperson, Paddy Ankunda, also warned that Sejusa was teetering on the verge of desertion as he continues staying abroad without the permission of the Chief of Defence Forces.

We reported then that Sejusa would not only be declared a fugitive but also deprived of his chair in Parliament because a member who misses 15 sittings is kicked out.

According to the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure that govern the conduct of legislators, “Except with the permission of the Speaker, a Member shall not absent himself or herself from fifteen or more sittings of the House during any period when the House is continuously meeting.”

Sejusa has since asked Kadaga to extend his leave for three more months, a move that has been protested by the army.

Ankunda said the army was “watching closely to see if Kadaga will allow a UPDF fugitive who has declared war on Uganda will continue benefitting from such Parliamentary privileges.”


Regarding his job in the intelligence, Sejusa said he pitied President Museveni who “got himself in so much mess that he does not know how to get out.”

“Him and his dimwitted lieutenants attacked and ransacked my office as if they were me! They could not understand that these were government offices not my personal premises. Mr Museveni is just so much off balance that just can’t tell a consistent story,” alleged Sejusa.

“So you destroy the offices with armed thugs then you turn around and say I am still coordinator of, of what, Mr President?”

Ankunda recently told Chimpreports that he is yet to see any official communication from the Commander-in-chief sacking or transferring Sejusa.


The embattled UPDF General further said Museveni “attacked Entebbe International Airport, raided my offices, imprisoned innocent people who are languishing in prison, sent intelligence to Parliament at night to break into speaker’s office to steal letters they claimed I was writing to the speaker etc.”

Contacted Ankunda said “Gen Sejusa is just wasting our time making. He is making baseless allegations which he himself knows are false.”

He added: “Yet, Sejusa knows that there are mechanisms to address his issues. He is just trying to make a story and remain relevant by alleging something every day that passes.”


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