Uganda Drills 104 Oil Wellbore


Gunya-3A whose name means baboon in the local language is the lasted addition to oil resource exploration activities that date as early as 1938 when the first deep oil well was drilled in the country.

Uganda has enjoyed a rate with 92 of 104 explorations and appraisal wellbores drilled having found oil and gas signifying a success rate of close to 90%.

Since 2002 the country has made twenty one oil and gas discoveries in the Albertine Graben which is Uganda’s most prospective sedimentary basin and the discoveries are estimated at over 3.5 billion barrels of oil.

The East African Community has of recent become the latest oil and gas exploration hub with Kenya at 250million barrels in its Turkana region while Tanzania estimates it has 41.7trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas reserves. Rwanda and Burundi are also undertaking preliminary investigation of their basins.

The United States Geological Survey estimates that the EAC region contains 27.6billion barrels of oil, 441.1trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 13.77billion barrels of natural gas liquids.


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