Heavy Rains Leave Trail of Destruction In Kanungu

The areas affected by the six hour torrential rain included the parishes of Bujengwe, Karangara and Kihembe where crops and animals were destroyed.

The Chairperson LC3 Kayonza sub-county, James Kanyomozi who spoke to Chimpreports, called upon government to come to the residents’ rescue.

‘”Government should provide relief in form of food and shelter to the affected residents,’’ noted the LC3 chairperson who added that the situation might turn escalate inot famine if not addressed quickly.

“There is nothing to eat because all the food crops were destroyed by hailstorms,’’ explained Kanyomozi.

However, District official, Kwesiga Barigye called upon the residents to be calm as the preparations to provide relief iems were underway.

“We are working with the area local leaders to record the assess the siatution and record the number of those affected to provide them with relief items,” explained Kwesiga.


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