Evidence Against Ruto Tabled At ICC


page geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to evidence tabled at the court in Hague, prescription Ruto is responsible for the crimes of murder, persecution and deportation of people that occurred in the Kenyan Rift Valley.

Prosecution further alleges that the 2007 post election violence in Kenya was not spontaneous but rather a carefully planned, coordinated and executed campaign of violence targeting PNU supporters.

Evidence tabled at the ICC further alleges that Ruto’s aim was to seize power and his party through violent means and further asserted that 18 months before the elections Ruto assembled his network of the Kalenjin and assigned responsibilities on top of raising finance and procuring weapons which helped him gather an army of his loyal Kalenjin to go to war for him in the event of an election loss.

Prosecution at the Netherlands based court further alleged that Ruto stoked flames of anti Kikuyu sentiments at public rallies and through the media.

It’s alleged that the Kenyan vice president used his co-accused Joshua Sang who was a presenter at Kass FM to spread anti-Kikuyu propaganda through his prime time radio show.

Sang broadcast even helped to coordinate the actual attacks on the Kikuyu through coded messages hence contributing to violence noted the prosecutor.

The prosecutor therefore called upon the court to hold both Ruto and Sang for charges of murder, deportation and persecution.

Kenya’s vice president and former radio broadcaster Joshua Sang are charged for fuelling violence that erupted after the 2007 elections that were won by the Orange Party.

The post election violence in Kenya that erupted in 2007 left many people dead and others injured as property worth millions was also destroyed.


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