BODA CHAOS: Kayihura, Musisi Rift Deepens


illness sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Police on Monday arrested over 80 suspected boda boda riders as they reportedly attempted to lynch KCCA officials and even torch their trucks.

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In a detailed statement to Chimpreports, Police deputy spokesperson Patrick Onyango accused KCCA of falling short of implementing resolutions of meetings held between senior leaders from both institutions.

Following a high-level meeting attended by KCCA officials and Kayihura KCCA was supposed to hold a press conference to announce and publish the resolutions of the meeting and postponement of the registration exercise.

Onyango said this task was assigned to KCCA public relations office and Mr. Chuchu the officer in Charge boda boda registration.

“This was not done, instead KCCA continued to run commercials calling upon boda boda to go and register,” noted Onyango.

“People should stop blackmailing the Inspector General of Police and Police. If there was any fault anywhere, it should have been brought up in the same forum where these resolutions were passed other than blackmailing the IGP and police,” said the police deputy publicist.

The latest statement comes at a time of heightened tensions in the city as Police battles riotous boda boda riders who are opposed to the registration exercise being implemented by KCCA.

While KCCA claims such a move would help in monitoring of boda boda activities and compelling the motorcycle owners to pay taxes, Kayihura argues that such a move without a screening process could lead to the registration of dangerous elements.

Onyango gave a chronology of events that have seen Musisi lock horns with the powerful police chief.

KCCA boss, Jeniffer Musisi: The authority says the boda boda registration exercise will continue

He said Musisi invited Kayihura for a meeting on the issue of boda boda registration on September 3 “but the IGP thought it wise that the Minister for Presidency should be the one to chair the meeting.”

Frank Tumwebaze accepted to chair the meetings. The first meeting, boda boda riders were not represented.

Senior government officials and boa boda representatives attended the second meeting.

They included Frank Tumwebaze, the Deputy Executive Director of KCCA Jennifer Kaggwa, KCCA publicist, Mr. Chuchu (head of boda boda registration), IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura, Deputy Director CIID Mr Godfrey Musana, Acting Director Traffic and Road Safety Dr. Steven Kasiima, AC Police Lawrence Nuwabine and boda- boda representatives from the five divisions of Kampala.


In the meeting the boda boda leadership raised a number of issues among them was that the registration exercise is good but they were not involved and that KCCA is likely to register criminals who are hiding in the boda boda transport industry.

The boda boda riders further argued that they were not sensitized and that the majority do not know what is required of them to register.

“If we all came at ago, does KCCA have the capacity to register us?” Onyango quoted the boda boda riders as arguing during the meeting.

Onyango faulted KCCA for “not taking into consideration the history of boda boda, the legislation and other stakeholders.”

After a long deliberation, it was resolved that the registration be postponed to enable sensitization of boda boda but corporate and government motor cycles operating in the city to start effective 9/9/2013 at all the division headquarters of KCCA.

KCCA was tasked to call a meeting of all stakeholders to look into the exercise of registration and stakeholders were listed as Police, URA, Ministry of Works and Transport (Transport Licensing Board), Ministry of Health, and civil society.

A committee was formed to work out a policy document for boda boda transport in the country but they were to start with Kampala.

Onyango said these resolutions were the position of the government guiding the registration exercise and that “for us as Police we are supporting the government position.”

He further noted that if Police did not use proactive approach in containing the explosive situation that saw over 80 boda boda rider arrested, properties would have been destroyed and life lost.

“Police has been providing security to operations of KCCA and we cannot rescind from that responsibility, we will continue doing the same, when we’re called upon. Yesterday, we saved many KCCA personnel, properties including division headquarters which were targets of rioters.”

He also warned individuals or groups of people who want to cause any form of disorder in the city.

The future of the registration exercise remains unclear.

Observers say President Museveni is likely to intervene and is most likely to order the halting of the exercise.


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