Museveni Visits Busoga

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recipe geneva;”>The President who was driving from Bugabula, Kamuli district, to Kampala stopped at Busota, Bugonga zone talked to the frenzy crowds and chatted with them.

He continued to the bridge at Jinja where he met some drivers who talked to him before continuing to Kampala.

It should be remembered that in 1986 after the bush war the president defied directives by his aide who had suggested that the then youthful leader stay in his vehicle due to security reasons but the president insisted and moved to the crowds.

The president thus retorted ‘I have never committed any crime. Why would these Ugandans harm me,’’ as he walked through the crowds in Masaka.

According to the Ugandans, the president distinguished himself from other former presidents who were always seen reading news papers while seated in their comfortable cars as they cruised past the people

The president is also remembered to have made a visit to the Namungoona fuel tanker accident scene and talked to the residents of the area before visiting the victims at Mulago hospital.

The president therefore set another precedent yesterday as he stopped and talked to the residents who had lined up along the Kampala Jinja Highway hence demystifying the presidency to the Ugandans.


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