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Nebanda Saga: Baryomunsi Vows To Sue State


healing geneva; font-size: small;”>Baryomunsi said the state only wanted to tarnish his name together with that of Dr. Sylvester Onzivua by accusing the duo of conspiracy to unlawful obtain Nebanda’s body parts for a comprehensive postmortem in South Africa.

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While appearing on a local radio on Sunday, Baryomunsi said they had agreed as Parliament to work with Dr. Onzivua a pathologist at Mulago hospital together with a police surgeon and himself as a Commissioner of Parliament and as an experienced doctor but police later turned around and arrested them.

“They only wanted to make us fill ashamed in front of the country and our people who elected us to represent them,” charged Baryomunsi.

“Before I chose to work with Dr Onzivua, I asked him if it was lawful to conduct an independent postmortem. He told me it was legally accepted since he had conducted one in London in the previous week without being questioned by the police,” said Baryomunsi.

“Even the police surgeon had earlier confirmed that we were operating within the precincts of the law. But when we asked why Dr. Onzinvua had been intercepted at Entebbe International Airport with the body samples, the Police surgeon said he was not responsible for the arrest.”

Dr. Baryomunsi’s remarks come after the Chief Magistrate at Buganda Road Court, Olive Kazaarwe ruled last Thursday that the two suspects had no case to answer in connection with charges of conspiracy to unlawfully obtain Nebanda’s body parts.

Baryomunsi further alleged that “there are some big people in government who feared that the truth would come out once after an independent postmortem was conducted thus fighting hard to make sure that the investigation never went beyond the Uganda borders.”

The lawmaker said he was arrested by police in Fort Portal on his way to his home for Christmas festival.

“While in detention, I was denied a chance to sleep on a mattress. I slept with other detained thugs. Imagine an Mp sleeping with thieves and all sorts of dirty people, my shoes were taken away and I had no chance to get slippers,” Baryomunsi lamented.

“My lawyers are finalizing plans to open a case against the state because I was wrongfully arrested and i have spent a long time on malicious prosecution.”

Baryomunsi said, “The state will have to compensate for my time I have spent in court under malicious prosecution and for the damage to my reputation. I know that even if the state appeals we shall win them.”


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