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Gen Sejusa Saga Deepens


page capsule http://chelseamamma.co.uk/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-internal-pointers.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In a letter to the media dated September 5, http://demibahagia2u.my/wp-includes/post-formats.php Besigye said “since Gen. Sejusa became an open critic of Mr. Museveni and his regime, there has been a panicky crackdown on anyone perceived as “associated” to him in the Military, Paramilitary and Security Organisations.”

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He added: “Many officers and men from these organisations have been summarily removed from their offices; while many others have been detained in Military detention centres and in the notorious “Safe Houses”.

Security sources told Chimpreports on Sunday that government was planning a “robust response” to Dr Besigye’s allegations which are perceived as aimed at causing divisions in the army.

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) publicist, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda denied allegations of harassing Gen Sejusa’s colleagues, saying “there is no panic whatsoever.”

“We are in charge of the situation. The institutions are operating normally. However, as long we are on the right side of the law, we can deal with any person decisively.”

Besigye said some of the Security Officers screaming from “safe houses” and other detention centres were used by the system to torture fellow Ugandans from those very houses.

“The turn of those torturing them, while still enjoying the praises and groceries from their bosses, will soon come! Any form of torture, regardless of the victims’ circumstances is inhuman and must be condemned. The cycle of use and abuse under the Museveni regime is well established, though some people never seem to learn,” said Besigye.

Ankunda rubbished these reports as “falsehoods” before challenging Dr Besigye to provide evidence in support of his allegations.

Besigye also claimed that a special audit of Internal Security Organisation’s (ISO) expenditures recently ordered by President Yoweri Museveni “is not motivated by the routine misuse and stealing of funds; it’s primarily to find out expenditures associated with Gen. Sejusa.”

Besigye added: “Classified expenditures have been highly shielded from routine (rigorous) audit by the AG’s office. It’s common knowledge that the budget of Security Organisations is much abused. The majority of intelligence officers are in a heightened state of insecurity. Fear of the unknown is paralyzing all the Security Organisations.”

The former FDC leader said it should be recalled that the Gen. Sejusa fallout was mainly over the “Muhoozi project”.

“Paradoxically, what Gen, Sejusa and other Senior UPDF officers were concerned about, seems to have been fuelled by the fallout. The changes and purges that were precipitated in the UPDF and other Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces, and Security Organisations have accelerated the “Muhoozi project”. Muhoozi’s dad and uncle have rolled their sleeves to fumigate the military and security establishments of any malcontents against the project. I suspect that soon, the fumigation exercise will shift onto the pretenders in the political corridors of power.”

In response, Ankunda said the “Muhoozi Project” is “nonexistent” and a “figment of imagination of those who want to remain relevant and keep appearing in newspapers.”

Gen Sejusa fled the country in April to exile in London.

The Coordinator of Intelligence organs has since used the international media to criticize Museveni’s government and even threatened to overthrow the President.

Before taking off to exile, Sejusa claimed government officials opposed to Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s rise to presidency were targeted for assassination, a charge government vehemently denies.


In his letter, Besigye also questioned Museveni’s motives of “frantically crisscrossing the country to meet UPDF veterans.”

“He is carrying sacks of money to give them some handouts and also to offer promises of banishing the humiliating poverty in which they live. He is remembering them after nearly 30 years; when most of them are no more. Quite clearly, Mr. Museveni is very worried that Gen. Sejusa may have been organizing the veterans against his corrupt and opulent regime.”

However, Presidential Communications Assistant, Sarah Kagingo recently told Chimpreports that Museveni was on a tour of the Greater Luweero Triangle areas to interact with veterans in a bid to “help them in particular and wananchi in general to tackle development issues with a view to transforming Luweero region into a model zone of production to fight against household poverty.”

The President also told a rally at Kisojo Primary School, Ntwetwe Sub-County in Kyankwanzi District that two technical institutes would be established by Government in Kyankwanzi District now that the area comprises two constituencies.

The President told the gathering that it is Government policy to ensure that there is uniform development in the country and that under this arrangement, every Sub-County is to be given two primary schools and one secondary school.

Museveni also announced that the Poverty Eradication Task Force is to be headed by Gen. Salim Saleh whose Deputy is Brigadier Proscovia Nalweyiso.

But Besigye disagrees with this argument, saying the plan/ projects to be implemented; the source of funds; relationship between the “Saleh project” and Local governments; regulatory systems etc are all still a mystery.

“Considering that such a major undertaking was not envisaged in the National plans for 2013/14 (currently being scrutinized by parliament) means that it’s a bizarre improvisation. Again, it is easy to discern that the real purpose of Mr. Museveni’s moves has less to do with Veteran’s welfare, and more to do with increasing military control over the veterans and the country,” said Besigye.

During the Luweero trip, Museveni explained that the soldiers would to work as “monitors for the development of households” adding that they would have the task of delivering additional offers such as coffee and fruits seedlings.


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